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Weekend Getaways Holiday Packages |Book Flights from Chicago

Weekend Getaways Holiday Packages – Book Flights from Chicago

In any case, encountering different environments, individuals, and traditions while traveling allows you to disrupt your daily routine and enhance your mental health. As you may already know that multiple individuals have vacation dreams. What if we told you that taking a weekend trip is good for your health as well as being an enjoyable vacation? It’s crucial to take some time for yourself and to get away, even for a few days.

Due to Chicago’s unusual location on the Midwestern part of the mapping, both weekend travelers and those who pack light can visit a variety of locations quickly. There are several locations around Chicago that are accessible over the long weekend and are only a few hours’ drive away. Residents of cities who need an intense vacation from the commotion of the city are able to discover some of the locations.

Chicago is unquestionably a fantastic city. One will enjoy exploring the numerous different neighborhoods, operations, and events that are available.

Weekend Getaways from Chicago: 7 Best Places to Visit

Read our insights thoroughly to discover more about a few wonderful locations before making travel plans if you’re seeking the top weekend getaway holiday packages near Chicago.


Without question, Galena is a popular vacation destination for Chicagoans. The right blend of shopping centers, vineyards, fine dining, and outdoor adventure can all be found there. This town may not be small, but it still has a lot to offer. If the route is free of traffic while you’re traveling, the 166 miles west of Chicago might make for the ideal weekend vacation journey. This location, which looks out onto the Mississippi River, provides opportunities for rafting excursions and bluff hikes.

What is the distance between Chicago to Galena?

The distance between Chicago and Galena is 166 miles West of Chicago

What are the best places to visit in Galena?

The best places to see at Galena are:-

  1. Belvedere Mansion
  2. Linmar Gardens
  3. Thunder Bay falls
  4. Galena River Trail


The immaculate Oval Beach is the town’s main draw. One can rent kayaks, and sailboats, and engage in recreational fishing while immersed in the ocean to decompress. Take the opportunity to paddleboat around the stunning Sand Dunes. It will take about 2.5 hours to get there from Chicago’s northeast.

What is the distance between Chicago to Saugatuck?

The distance between Chicago and Saugatuck is 140 miles from northeast of Chicago

What are the best places to visit in Saugatuck?

The best places to see at Saugatuck are:-

  1. Oval Beach
  2. Mount Baldhead Park
  3. Lake Michigan
  4. Fenn Valley Vineyards


It is an ancient village 90 miles to the southwest of Chicago and is accessible by car in 1.5 hours. Due to its location between the Fox and Illinois Rivers, the town has a stunning natural setting. The village is well-known for giving visitors access to or a glimpse of Starved Rock State Park. The stunning vista of Ottawa’s canyon waterfalls gives visitors a fantastic outdoor weekend getaway experience. When traveling by car from Chicago to Ottawa in the spring, make sure to check out Buffalo Rock State Park. This location is perfect for an at the last minute weekend trip from Chicago.

What is the distance between Chicago to Ottawa?

The distance between Chicago to Ottawa is 90 miles Southwest of Chicago

What are the best places to visit in Ottawa?

The best places to see in Ottawa are:-

  1. Buffalo Rock state park
  2. Allen Park
  3. Fox River Park
  4. Ottawa Historical and Scouting Heritage Museum

Door County

One of the most appealing weekend getaways from Chicago is Door County, which is situated on a peninsula between Lake Michigan and Green Bay in Wisconsin. The long, stunning shoreline, as well as a number of the top parks close to Chicago, are the main attractions of this getaway. Nicolet Beach is located in the Peninsula State Park. This location, which requires about 4.5 hours to travel to from Chicago, is a good choice for lengthy road trips. Take in the vista of the setting sun while holding your favorite beverage.

What is the distance between Chicago to Door County?

The distance between Chicago to Door County is 276 miles north of Chicago

What are the best places to visit in Door County?

The best places to see in Door County are:-

  1. Cana Island Lighthouse
  2. Cave Point Country Park
  3. Door County Historical Museum
  4. Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Traverse City

Nearly all of the year, Traverse City is still appealing to tourists. Choose Traverse City if you’re seeking one of the best weekend getaways from Chicago, Illinois in the United States. You will enjoy exploring the city’s side streets and can eat brunch or snacks at any outdoor café. Would you like to take a picnic from Traverse City, then travel to Sleeping Bear Dunes and climb the dunes?

Take a stroll along Michigan Lake’s coastline on a special date to see some of the animals that call this location home. You can get to Leelanau Peninsula and Old Mission Peninsula from there. Nothing else is capable of topping the list if you’re looking for the best fall weekend getaways from Chicago than Traverse City. The vividly colored trees’ attractiveness will produce an enchanting, dreamy scene that is well worth exploring.

What is the distance between Chicago to Traverse City?

The distance between Chicago and Traverse City is 318 miles from northeast of Chicago

What are the best places to visit in Traverse City?

The best places to see in Traverse City are:-

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shore
  2. Wander Grand Traverse Commons
  3. Stroll Interlochen Center of Arts

Mount Carroll

One charming small town near Chicago that is great for cheap romantic vacations is Mount Carroll. Throughout the weekends’ gateway to this location, you might enjoy seeing a number of historical locations. Two popular attractions in this area are the Nathaniel Halderman House and Carroll County Courthouse. Eagle monitoring, exploring limestone caverns, and exploring the historic cliffs of Mississippi Palisades State Park are a few additional activities you might find enjoyable. West of Chicago, 137 miles, is where you’ll find Mount Carroll.

What is the distance between Chicago to Mount Carroll?

The distance between Chicago and Mount Carroll is 137 miles from the west of Chicago

What are the best places to visit in Mount Carroll?

The best places to see in Mount Carroll are:-

  1. National Aquarium
  2. Inner Harbour
  3. Crystal Lake Cave

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is frequently mentioned as being one of the top cities to reside in. America’s most well-known beer cities are there. However, despite being the hometown of the Founders and Brewery Vivant, this city has a lot else things to offer tourists. Enjoy an opportunity to tour the Heritage Hill neighborhood’s historic residences. In addition to the Grand River, the urban vista will captivate you. You can take a break from work to go biking or even paddle down the Grand River.

What is the distance between Chicago to Grand Rapids?

The distance between Chicago to Grand Rapids: 178 miles northeast of Chicago

What are the best places to visit in Grand Rapids?

The best places to see in Grand Rapids are:-

  1. Meyer May House
  2. Frederik Meijer Gardens
  3. Gerald R. Ford Museum
  4. Grand Rapids Art Museum

So, here is the given list of 7 destinations for weekend getaways and you can plan your upcoming weekend trip using this useful list of the top 7 getaways from Chicago. Browse for spa resorts near Chicago if you want to unwind your body and spirit over the weekend. Prepare for your upcoming weekend getaway and relax in the embrace of nature. Why are you holding out? Plan your trip to the USA today for an unforgettable vacation!

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